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Welcome to RSenApps. At RSenApps, we strive to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Ryan Senanayake founded RSenApps in January 2012 starting with a single Android app for his school. Since then it has branched out into multiple different technologies and devices. We believe that no problem is too large.

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Open Mic+ for Google Now

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50,000+ Downloads:
Hangouts Widget for Android

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Best Application
At CodeDay Seattle Spring 2014

2Screenz Demolition done in collaboration with Kevin Yang. 2Screenz Demolition synced the game across two phones so as to draw one half on each phone. This allowed for the two phones to be placed together so as to effectively double playing area. A proof of concept of multi screen mobile gaming.

4th Place and Honorable Mention at AngelHack Seattle Spring 2014

Clippy for Android done in collaboration with Mohammad Adib in first Hackathon ever. We were by far the youngest team to compete.